Awa Ly, the diva with the golden voice

Black Beautés : How did your passion for music come about?
Awa Ly : She was born with me. She was fed thanks to my music loving parents. She has grown and developed over the course of my musical encounters.

BB : The world of music has been tormented by the loss of artists like David Bowie, Prince, Billy Paul or Papa Wemba. How did you react to this?
A. L: I reacted like everyone else, with a lot of sadness ... but also with a lot of gratitude for all that these artists have brought to the music and the good they have done to us.

BB : Who is your musical icon?
A. L: I don't have a particular musical icon, but a lot of artists in very different genres from each other who inspire me. To name only one would be limited. From jazz to classical music, from pop to traditional Senegalese music, Afro-Cuban orchestras to rock, drunk and blues ... the list of artists in all these fields - and not that - that I like is long (laughs)!

BB: What is the definition of an artist according to you?
A. L: in my opinion, an artist thanks to his gift, his know-how provokes, through his works, arouses emotions (whatever his emotions) and invites reflection.

BB: What do you think of black women today in the music business?
A. L: the woman, in short, must work a lot more to be heard and respected in the music industry.
I'm optimistic. I think the black woman has always had a prominent place that will not stop growing as long as the artistic quality is there. And this at any level.

BB: You are from Senegal, born in France and living in Italy. Do you think this is an asset for your music?
A. L: Yes indeed, I think it is a richness in general for me and in particular for my music.

BB: In your third album Five And Feather released since March 25, you sing in English. Why did you choose this language to express yourself through your songs?
A. L: "Five and a Feather" is my second album (in my name). My first album "Modulated" was in English too.
I grew up listening to a lot of English songs and have visited the United States a lot since I was a teenager. It is a language through which I really like to express myself through my texts. Which doesn't mean that I don't sing in French, Italian, Wolof, Portuguese etc. Let's say that without asking myself too many questions, the songs come naturally to me and more easily in English ... for the moment (laughs)

BB: We find multiple influences in the album Five And Feather.
Today do you think you have achieved your goal with this album?

A. L: For this album, I am very happy with the result and I cannot thank enough the musicians as well as my directors Jean Lamoot and Pascal Danae who worked with me on this project. They were able with great talent and generosity to exalt my music by giving it a uniqueness between all the different styles and influences present in my songs ... The objectives are still many to achieve ... But "chi va piano, va sano ... e lontano ".

BB: In the clip Let Me Love You unveiled since April 26, we find the actress Aïssa Maïga.
How did this collaboration come about?

A. L: This collaboration was very simple. Aïssa is a friend. I played her to the song and asked her if she would like to participate in the clip. To my great happiness she answered yes!

BB: Why did you choose him for this clip?
A. L: Because she is a wonderful, talented actress. A woman of natural beauty with a smile and a contagious and contagious laugh, full of joie de vivre, a courageous and tenacious woman ... And because she is my friend (laughs)

BB: What message are you getting through Let Me Love You?
A. L: This song tells "just" a love story like "run away from me I'm following you, follow me I'm running from you". I am sure that many will recognize themselves there!

BB: What are your news?
A. L: I am in full promotion of my album "Five and a Feather" which as you indicated was released on March 25th. I will be touring all over France very soon. The dates are available on my website and don't hesitate to join me on my page Looking forward to seeing you Black Beautés Mag!

Awa Ly: Let Me Love You on video

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