Do you know
women's gold?

Black Beautés presents Codina's Raw Shea.
Thanks to its essential fatty acids, this shea butter will hydrate, bring elasticity to your epidermis, soften, repair and even restore shine to your hair. It will also protect your hair fiber. Codina Raw Shea Butter is ideal when used sparingly on particularly dry, sensitive and irritated areas of the face and body.

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Find the ideal anti-dark spot serum for your beauty routine

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The CODINA brand was created in 1994 by the Laboheme laboratory, founded in 1992 by Michel POBEDA. From its creation, Laboheme, pioneer and expert in organic natural cosmetics, has opted for manufacturing without concessions on the effectiveness of its products. Its philosophy: to find independent producers, to go back to the source, to travel to villages, to favor short circuits and work.
manual from A to Z. The CODINA brand offers a wide range of products for all parts of the body: cold saponified raw shea soap bars, designed and handcrafted in France in Vierzon.
In order to perfectly meet the requirements of black and mixed skin, Codina offers its new Sheeboo range with specific care based on natural ingredients with 100% active ingredients and many antioxidants.
Black Beautés presents one of the products of the range: the Concentrated Anti-Dark Spot Serum with Coffee and Bearberry.

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Justine Kamara: "just being an influencer is not enough for me"


On November 1, 2020, Influencer Justine Kamara launched her own makeup brand committed to
any skin tone: Jolyka Beauty. Her goal is to restore confidence to all women by inviting them not to hide behind makeup but simply to embellish their existing beauty.
Meet this business girl at heart.

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Photo credit: mathieu.dphotographie @ mathieu.dphotographie

Learn how to choose treatments
who respect black and mixed skin


When we talk about a cosmetic product, we generally think of its packaging,
at its price or even its advertising campaign. But before landing in the radius of the
distribution channel, the product goes through several stages, the first and most
important: manufacturing!

Black Beautés has visited the Laboheme laboratory for you, whose specialty is the design and manufacture of natural cosmetic products, formulated in an artisanal way with the compounds of active plant ingredients. Since its creation in 1994, the pioneer laboratory and expert in organic natural cosmetics has opted for manufacturing on the quality of its cosmetic products while respecting the raw materials and committing to the well-being of the consumer.

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Have a clear skin thanks to solutions
high-performance dermocosmetics


Nubiance Dermocosmétique is a brand dedicated to correcting imperfections in dark to dark skin. Through its treatments, it offers high-performance and complementary dermocosmetic solutions with the purest active ingredients.
Black Beautés invites you to discover the specificities of this brand recommended by dermatologists, which fully understands the problems of Nubian skin (black, dark and mixed).

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What your skin really wants


The skin is not just a covering, it is one of the most important organs in our body. It is “on the front line” of defense against all environmental attacks. As life progresses, the skin gets tired: thin, dry, speckled, less supple skin ...
It is essential to take care of your skin as soon as possible. Daily maintenance, cosmetic products, but also a suitable diet, can slow premature aging of the skin. Provided that pollution, tobacco, alcohol, stress, too much sun and lack of sleep do not spoil everything.

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Watch out, all eyes are on you

For many women eye makeup is the most important part of the ritual. Whether you go for a sophisticated or natural look, whether you want to emphasize the shape of your eyes or not, Black Beautés gives you tips, tricks and trends for the perfect eye makeup.

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Your lips seen by an expert ...


Having the right makeup accessories isn't everything. Jérôme Sandevoir, makeup artist consultant Dr Pierre Ricaud, explains a little more about the tips to apply to obtain lips with a perfectly mat or shiny finish.

Black Beautés: before applying matte or shiny lipstick, are there any preliminary treatments or actions to be implemented?
Jérôme Sandevoir: To obtain lip makeup with a perfectly mat or shiny finish, your lips must above all be perfectly smooth and hydrated. To eliminate small dry skin, apply a dab of facial scrub on the lips, massage for a few seconds then remove it with a cotton ball soaked in lukewarm water. Then moisturize the lips with your care cream and with a paper tissue then absorb the fatty substances.

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