Afro Brush: Mastering

the art of disentangling with the right tools


To have beautiful natural hair, there is no secret: you have to take care of it. This is why brushing is an essential beauty step in our hair routine. But this involves the gesture most feared by women and children: disentangling.
To prevent you from tearing your hair out at the time of this crucial step and to succeed in disentangling your hair gently and painlessly, the Afro Brush brand has designed a brush dedicated to frizzy, curly and curly hair for you.

Its particularity: Reduce breakage, disentangle and promote hair growth.
Decryption of the Afro Brush which is causing a sensation on the canvas.

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Photo credit: Audran Sarzier © Afro-Brush / PLD Company

The extraordinary shampoo
solid coconut & aloe

Maonicorner-Feat shampoing solide Aloe v

Photo Credit: Mahamoud M - @maonicorner_life

Among the multitude of shampoos, one product is increasingly needed in bathrooms: solid shampoo. Ecological, economical and very practical, this small pebble is a good alternative to classic shampoos and is part of a zero waste beauty approach. As long as you choose it natural of course.
To draw a line on superfluous plastic and chemicals, Black Beautés presents you the coconut & aloe solid shampoo from CocoMoon Beauty, the first biocosmetics brand in the Comoros to promote coconut in a 100% natural skincare range inspired by the secrets of traditional beauties. Although small in size, this solid shampoo has many hair benefits.

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CocoMoon Beauty Coconut & Honey Repairing Balm made for you


To start this new year on a high note, Black Beautés presents the Coco & Honey multifunction repairing balm from CocoMoon Beauty, the first bio-cosmetic brand in the Comoros to enhance coconut in a 100% natural skincare range inspired by the secrets of traditional beauties.

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Photo Credit: Mahamoud M - @maonicorner_life for @noolyahofficiel

Finally a hair guide that provides concrete solutions to your hair problems

0026_Daylihair_15-08-20- copie.jpg

Anxious to share information on her hair tips and recipes with others
women, Éva Mekpoh created the @mes_cheveux_afro page in 2018, which immediately met with great success. Thanks to the notoriety of the latter and a strong demand for hair advice, she launched
the DAYLIHAIR brand with the flagship product the Bullet Journal Capillaire, a hair guide specially designed for frizzy, curly or curly hair (but not only! ) . This book, of which she is the author, allows each woman to understand their hair, but also to organize and plan their hair care in order to find the right routine. Themes such as growth, breakage,
the change of season, pregnancy and even food are also on the menu.
We met for you this 25-year-old entrepreneur who has not finished talking

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The easy and efficient solution
for your hair shopping Visuel pleine page Zawema_jpg

Welcome to ZAWEMA, a digital platform that offers products and accessories
suitable for curly, frizzy and frizzy hair for all.
With Zawema (which means in Swahili "what is good and beautiful"), the founder Hafoussoi Vandewalle aims to provide a solution and improve the distribution of products suitable for textured hair. She explains “the internet offers a wide choice in terms of products but online commerce also has its constraints. There were a lot of online stores and it's rare to find everything you're looking for on one site ”.
With Zawema, this 43-year-old entrepreneur decided to shake things up and make the shopping experience easier, faster and more efficient.

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Kinky and Naturally Beautiful

" We live in a society in which the physical characteristics of members of the Afro-Caribbean community are not identified as standards of beauty. It is therefore important that from an early age we ensure that our children grow up with them. self-esteem at its fair value. From a hair point of view, we must teach our children the right gestures to maintain and beautify their hair, but also make them discover the versatility of afro hair and the multitude of possible hairstyles, with gentleness and in a fun way. "

Find the interview of the brand Crenabé a French brand of natural hair care for frizzy, frizzy and curly hair that mainly uses plant extracts from Africa.
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Natural products made in France, handmade


She says stop the stigma of Dreadlocks

Her name is Locksy Lene, through the wearing of her dreadlocks she wishes to convey a positive image of this hairstyle which is sometimes poorly judged. Locksy Lene has chosen to help mainly women to assume their locks in all circumstances both at work and for an outing with friends.
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