L'Atelier Balmain Hair Couture

Atelier Balmain Hair Couture is now open for exclusive private consultations. These are carried out by Balmain's Master Hair Designer, Nabil Harlow who provides a personalized tailor-made hair service. The workshop is located at 13 rue Royale 75008 Paris.

Private consultation
Atelier Balmain Hair Couture is a tailor-made service entirely created and produced by Nabil Harlow, Balmain's Master Hair Designer. Customers are only welcomed by appointment for the fitting of tailor-made wigs or Balmain hair additions. This concept is the unique opportunity to fulfill all their desires and offer them unlimited and personalized hairstyles choices, both for coloring and for style. Once the private consultation is completed in the Parisian Workshop, the Balmain Master Hair Designer begins the tailor-made design. Fittings are then scheduled to proceed with the final creation, so that customers' wishes come true.

The difficulty of afro hair salons to style natural hair

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Custom design

The manufacture of all hair additions and wigs combines technical knowledge and craftsmanship excellence using the highest quality 100% natural hair. Balmain Hair symbolizes excellence combined with unparalleled quality.

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