Beauty for a good cause

Dafa Traore
Miss African Fair 2016

The Passerelle Interculturelle (API) association is organizing for the 3rd consecutive year the “Beauty Well-being Culture Art & Deco” show with a chic and glamorous hairstyle show!

"The objective of the show is to promote Beauty & Art creators and entrepreneurs. This promotion is done through their presence at the show but also through the events and competitions organized. Dress style competition with the
theme "Evening or ethnic wedding outfits". The concurrent man or
woman can come with their own garment or be dressed by a stylist. "
A hairdressing show will be at the rendezvous ...

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Neemaa is a beauty and wellness service booking platform.
Its vocation is to be able to bring together in the same place demanding customers and beauty and well-being providers who are qualified and concerned with customer satisfaction.

The platform has set up a field barometer on developments and trends in the Afro hairstyle market. Its first study aimed to collect the qualitative opinions of respondents on:

- Their hairstyling habits
-the budget allocated
-constraints and needs
-the avenues and levers to explore.

These qualitative data were crossed with quantitative data from XERFI to make a barometer reflecting the reality on the ground. Neemaa's goal is to be able to release a state of the art every 6 months to follow developments and trends.

The first Barometer was presented in Paris on September 12th.
Black Beautés Magazine was present and tells you more ...

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