Are we talking about the Afro-Caribbean hairdressing market?

Dafa Traore
Miss African Fair 2016

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Neemaa is a beauty and wellness service booking platform.
Its vocation is to be able to bring together in the same place demanding customers and beauty and well-being providers who are qualified and concerned with customer satisfaction.

The platform has set up a field barometer on developments and trends in the Afro hairstyle market. Its first study aimed to collect the qualitative opinions of respondents on:

- Their hairstyling habits
-the budget allocated
-constraints and needs
-the avenues and levers to explore.

These qualitative data were crossed with quantitative data from XERFI to make a barometer reflecting the reality on the ground. Neemaa's goal is to be able to release a state of the art every 6 months to follow developments and trends.

The first Barometer was presented in Paris on September 12th.
Black Beautés Magazine was present and tells you more ...

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