A brand made in Africa which bridges the Ivory Coast

"Our peppers are grown in organic farming and agroforestry. They are very tasty because they contain all their essential oils unlike a large majority of conventional peppers. We work directly with the planters, so there is no intermediary. Our peppers wild they are harvested and then dried by our team of women in Ivory Coast. There are several harvests in the year so you are sure to have on your plate an almost "fresh" product of exceptional quality. . "
Discover Star Collections, is an agricultural company that offers natural products from the Ivory Coast in Switzerland. Its actions revolve around the direct circuit, sustainable agriculture that respects the environment, the empowerment of women and fair trade. We find in the brand's catalog a collection of natural cosmetics, delicacies and dietetics-well-being.

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Welcome to the Cantine Sauvage!


Looking for a good idea to go out for the end of the year celebrations, Black Beautés presents La Cantine Sauvage, a real living place to eat, drink, chat… nestled in the heart of the Plaine Saint-Denis. Indeed, La Cantine Sauvage, a successful mix between Moosse, a restaurateur with a raw temperament and Najoua, a Chef with instinctive cuisine. Both reunited in an old antique hangar, 1500 m² from head to toe. La Cantine Sauvage is a café, a continuous canteen and restaurant, a bakery, a pastry shop, a bar, a brasserie, a cocktail counter ...

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Prepare your bissap juice


Pairing cocktails tasting

Black Beautés Magazine has tested for you the restaurant Eugène Eugène, a chic and family place in the heart of Puteaux. This restaurant is a real oasis of freshness, with a delicious menu and an atmosphere
intimate and calm. Upon entering, after a warm welcome by the team, you immediately feel at home in your country house with vegetation that represents an important part of Eugène Eugène's surroundings.
There is even a garden with a covered terrace of 200 m² ...

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Inspiring cuisine, with values

of sharing and conviviality


A virtual bistronomic restaurant with simmered dishes delivered all over France, Prune is excellence in jars. Created by the duo Charlotte Thienpont and Cyril Romanet in January 2019, the start-up did not choose its
random name. Interview with Charlotte Thienpont.

How was the virtual restaurant Prune born?
Prune was born from a common passion, values and desire! Cyril, son and grandson of a cook and myself, daughter and granddaughter of a farmer, we met during a previous professional experience in catering. With our experience, expertise and passion for gastronomy, we are fully committed to this great adventure, to share our vision of cooking with everyone ...

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