Welcome to the universe
by Massira Keita


Illustrator, painter and fashion designer, French Massira Keita of Ivorian origin shares with passion her creations on the web. “In the beginning it was about drawing, then I got feedback from Instagram subscribers who wanted to wear my illustrations on their t-shirts. She declares.

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Aliyah Royale "The Walking Dead:
World Beyond »his confidences


Actress Aliyah Royale stars (Iris Bennett) in new spinoff series
"The Walking Dead: World Beyond" aired on AMC in the United States, and Amazon Prime
in France. This spin-off focuses more specifically on four teenagers who, motivated by
the desire of two sisters to go find their father, venture into the outside world, always
ravaged, despite the risks of which they are nevertheless fully aware of incurring.
Meeting with Aliyah Royale who confides in Black Beautés about her career, her character
Iris Bennet, her spring confined and looks back on her childhood and her vocation as an actress.

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Photo Credit: Bryan Papazov

African geniuses of contemporary art!

Malick Sidibé: the eye of Bamako

Born in Soloba in 1935 in a small village in Mali, Malick Sidibé from the 1950s became “the eye of Bamako” and the witness of an era.


From the 1990s, his genius will also be celebrated by the cultural world in Europe and the United States. The gallery owner and specialist in African photography André Magnin is one of those who made the work of Malian photographer Malick Sidibé triumph in the West.

Cheri Samba a major figure

Chéri Samba from Kinto M'Vuila in Congo (DRC) is a major figure among African painters. He is one of the most famous contemporary African artists, his works appear in the collections of institutions such as the Center Georges-Pompidou in Paris or the Museum of Modern Art in New York .