Through her jewelry, Jez Debugey transports us to a unique universe of creation. We have met for you this entrepreneur who allows
to each and everyone to create their own universe thanks to customization on demand of the jewelry.

Black Beauties : Who is Jez Debugey?
Jez Debugey : A “young” designer in her fifties who after a first life in
a corporate universe has decided to return to her first
loves: jewelry, stones, metals. I had the chance 4 years ago to be able to create my company and thus to fully live my creative passion
for jewelry.

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Black Beautés : How did your passion for jewelry come about?
Jez Debugey : I have always been passionate about the beauty of precious and semi-precious stones, all jewelry, and very attracted by colors and shapes, graphics, design or more roundness.
I have been designing jewelry since I was a teenager and I love original jewelry showcasing stones.

A beautiful piece does not necessarily need to be surrounded by diamonds to send its light because the creation of the jewel must allow it to be magnified, without excessive embellishment ...

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JEZ DEBUGEY sublimated Dafa Traoré Miss African Fair 2016 during the fashion show by designer Carlos Delgado which was held in Paris on Saturday, June 4.
Miss African Fair was the guest of honor at this parade.

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The real luxury is to choose
your own gem!

Adjustable silver bracelet
925/1000 with bow charm and
pastille engraved with owl
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Jez Debugey 8 angles necklace: 90 €
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Silver Triangle earrings for pierced ears
in 925/1000 silver matt aspect
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