100% afro wall art


Ouéso is the first 100% afro wall art brand. Founded in 2019 by Kwame MBATCHI, it mainly offers posters and paintings of African art. Very committed to the community and sensitive to the black cause, it is quite naturally that Kwame MBatchi wished to undertake to promote his community. With his associates Marie, Levy and Malcom, they started this adventure with a simple observation: the lack of representation of the black community in traditional decoration sites.

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Africa delivered directly
in your house

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Created in April 2020 by the entrepreneur Nafissatou N'diaye, the Majaji brand mixes contemporary decoration with traditional African crafts. Majaji was one of the greatest warrior queens of antiquity. She protected and cared for her kingdom until her last breath. Her courage, her determination, her leadership are a source of inspiration. The founder
declares “Cradled since my childhood by the African stories of my mother and my grandmother, I wanted to share the culture of my roots. In awe of traditional artisanal techniques and products from Guinea such as the loincloth (or said Lepi) capable on its own of bringing out all the beauty and richness of African fashion, I wanted to use this cultural mix to dress contemporary interiors with the warmth of my home country. "

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Beauty and strength
of black existence celebrated


Priya Ahluwalia is a fashion designer born in Nigeria in 1992, from a Nigerian father and an Indian mother and offers particularly environmentally friendly collections. The designer collaborated with director Samona Olanipekun to create Ahluwalia's first short, "Joy", which is part documentary and part fashion film. Joy is a kaleidoscopic love story that celebrates "the daily beauty and strength of black existence" and puts
on stage community leaders, matriarchs, poets, athletes and political activists. The film is a snapshot of black liberation through Afro-Caribbean rituals, something important to Ahluwalia and Olanipekun who both have Nigerian heritage.

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Finally stress-free stays
for African tourists

Black Beautés Magazine presents IDENSEY, a top-of-the-range concierge service specializing in supporting African travelers during their stay in France. The latter offers African visitors access to a wide range of tailor-made services for all aspects of their trip. We met for you Awa Dosso-Kongo, founder of this innovative concept which appeals to lovers of the City of Light.

The name IDENSEY is a spelling adaptation of the word 'i-dansé' which means 'welcome' in Dioula, a Mandinka language spoken in Côte d'Ivoire and several other West African countries. This symbolic name reflects my enthusiasm for welcoming African travelers here in France, recreating all the African hospitality that characterizes us. It is a little nod to my childhood when we welcomed our grandparents who arrived from village to visit us.

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