Inspirational West African mud cloth

The Mille Collines brand Kichana collection draws its inspiration from West African mud fabric from Mali. The Kichana scarf is machine knitted with 100% cotton yarn produced in South Africa. The story of the Thousand Hills begins in Kigali in 2008 when the paths of two enthusiasts cross: Antoinette, a Rwandan seamstress and Ines, a student in Spanish design. They all shared two the same vision; a conviction that the union of talents would lead to the creation of revolutionary products in Africa.

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Van M capsule collection "1974"


Ode to the Kôkô dunda loincloth


Immerse yourself in the stylistic universe of the Peulh Vagabond brand created by the young Franco-Senegalese
Dyenaa Diaw. The latter shares through this interview, her love for Africa, her inspirations and
presents its new Glaive collection with the Kôkô Dunda fabric in the spotlight. Meet

Black Beautés: Introduce yourself and what is your background?
Dyenaa Diaw : My name is Dyenaa Diaw, Creative Director for the Peulh Vagabond brand. My
parents were born in Senegal and belong to the second wave of immigrants who came to France in the
60s. I am a Fulani, I have lived all my life in Paris, it is also there that I learned the profession of

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Between art and fashion


With a considerable artistic background, the Brazilian designer Kika Simonsen offers an interesting mix between art and fashion to her namesake brand founded in 2015. Each collection begins with a research around a theme, always linked to personal experiences, to art, travel and different cultures, but always based on the Brazilian roots and culture of Kika.

The unique brushstrokes of the prints come from Kika's artwork, made from multiple layers of acrylic paint, created in her studio in São Paulo, Brazil.
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New collection 2021

IMANE AYISSI Couutre FW 20-21 Look


Amal-Si means "the great misfortune that befalls the earth" in the Ewondo language of Cameroon. Two words that summarize the current state of the world and the effects of the disease that has spread throughout the planet. Amal-Si is the new Couture Fall Winter 2020-21 collection from Imane Ayissi. For a fashion designer of 2020, who is more of a small independent house and who works largely with artisans based thousands of kilometers from his studio, it is an unprecedented situation that causes a series of intractable problems. Material problems first of all, when you can no longer work with your usual collaborators, when you can no longer complete your orders since fittings are impossible, when you can no longer visit your suppliers, when you cannot no longer receive fabrics made in other countries.
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PK + PS+PZ_Aubade PE20 vierge 109 - Kopi

Exotic Poetry

With Poésie Exotique d'Aubade, beach essentials: the short sarong, the long sarong and the tunic are available in plain black or in all the colors of the seasonal prints. Tied around the waist or the neck, the long sarong will be ideal for a glamorous outfit while the short sarong will be sexy and the tunic relaxed.

Stylish, fair trade sneakers!

modele cuir.jpg

N'go Shoes is a French sneaker brand that supports the traditional know-how of Vietnamese artisans from ethnic minorities, while funding the construction of schools in marginalized villages in North Vietnam. Created in Nantes in 2016 by Ronan and Kévin, the brand has given itself the mission of making shoes that are trendy, fair and inclusive. Each pair purchased helps fund human projects.

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We are inspired by the catwalks


Whether in business or at school, back to school is an opportunity for many of us to impress! We therefore forget the style of the month of July and August and we offer ourselves a new fashion repertoire inspired by the catwalks.

It's time to remember July Fashion Week with the AZZARO - Haute Couture Paris fall winter 2019-2020 fashion show.


Maison Azzaro lifts the veil on an evanescent and festive collection. It pays homage to hedonism and freedom in a casual bohemian spirit while luminous sophistication, and renews its subtle art of unveiling through the delicacy of openwork materials and games of transparency.

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