The African Fair has elected its Miss!

The African Fair marked the spirits in particular with its election of Miss organized by the magazine Black Beautés which was a partner of the event. This miss election was also very much appreciated by Mr. Apollinaire Compaoré and took place in two parts.

The first part was composed of 7 candidates who each represented their country and who were judged only by the members of the jury with François Durpaire as president.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The other members of the jury were Noah Lunsi, Hervé Babadi (Plus Belle La Vie) and Jessica (Ambassador Congo).
In the 7 candidates for the election of Miss African Fair or found: Léticia Chillet (Cape Verde), Julyiane Dem (Senegal), Laurence Lepoittevin (Ivory Coast), Vanille Emasse (Cameroon), Dafa Traoré (Mali), Elisabeth Drabo (Burkina Faso) and Christy Tanneur (Congo).

The young women all won over the jury ...

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Dafa Traoré Miss African Fair 2016

Photo: Jc Lepresle
Jewelry: Jez Debugey