A new power for
your skin tempting you?

New power for your skin

Concentrated care - serums have long been part of the assortment of professional institutes. Yet, not only are professionals using these concentrated powers for the skin, but even in the home, serums are increasingly becoming an essential and indispensable need. The serums are easy to use and offer a wide range for many types of skin problems ...

Ultra-powerful treatment
The serum is a real ultra-powerful treatment which particularly contributes to the improvement of the skin while protecting it. Their specific active agents provide an optimal concentration which helps to find a younger face and smoother skin and therefore to fight against wrinkles. In addition, the serum strengthens the structure of the skin, unifies the complexion and contributes to a more radiant skin ...

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My MEL'OYA "anti-dark spot" serum
This serum is effective on all types of hyperpigmentation spots (inflammatory, solar, hormonal). Without side effects, it eliminates existing spots and prevents their appearance.
Price: € 39.90 (30 ml)
Available on inoya-laboratoire.com

Advanced Night Repair (Estée Lauder)

This serum stimulates and accelerates the skin's natural nocturnal repair and purification processes thanks to exclusive Chronolux technology.
Price: 81 € (30 ml)
Available on esteelauder.fr

Clinique Smart ™ Tailored Action Repair Concentrate

This serum is a cutting-edge treatment, which visibly reduces 4 major signs of skin aging: wrinkles, loss of firmness, dark circles and skin texture. It provides targeted regeneration that visibly meets the needs of the skin and evolves with you and your skin's needs.